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Hello!  I’m so glad you have found my blog.  I hope you find information you are looking for and that I have inspired you.  I am 29 years old and live in Riverton, UT.  I married to my best friend in May 2014.  I couldn’t be happier!!  We have two little pups, Chloe and Radar.

I started my fitness journey to getting healthy in 2011 when I moved back to New Mexico after working in a position where I traveled for two years.  With traveling and a small per diem (only $32 a day!!), I had horrible eating habits.  And not to lie, I LOVED my beer.  Especially craft, local beer.  I started working for a university within a major wireless carrier’s call center.  This call center had an in house gym and trainers.  I worked really hard for a few months with the trainers and lost close to 25 pounds.  I was doing great with generally eating better and I traded beer for wine (not to the level of an alcoholic though).

Once I met my husband, I didn’t want to get up early and go to the gym anymore.  Fitness became non-existent.  I didn’t gain the weight back though.  However, I was always sick, especially at night.  I had horrible stomach pains and was nauseous.  My father’s grandmother and my mother’s mother were both diagnosed with Celiac’s disease.  I decided to get tested for this first so I didn’t have to go through a ton of different tests.  My result was barely off of the allergist diagnosing me.  Honestly, the guy shouldn’t be able to see patients.  He told me that I had nothing wrong with me and even with the blood test results, I shouldn’t change my diet.  I did anyways.  It made a huge difference and I feel so much better!  If I have even cross-contamination, I get super sick within minutes and for weeks.

With going gluten free, I lost about another 10 pounds.  I couldn’t keep the weight on.  I also couldn’t find hardly any junk food in Albuquerque that I could eat.  It is also difficult to eat out with not eating gluten and with avoiding cross-contamination.  I was living life finally!  No worries for me about having to work for a healthy body. But I wasn’t fit or in shape.

Fast forward to my husband and I moving to Salt Lake City and that has changed.  The gluten free junk food and fast food is everywhere.  So, I ate it.  And I was loving it.  And then I realized I started gaining weight again.

I knew I needed to do something so I wanted to get back into working out but I didn’t want to pay for a gym membership or actually go to the gym.  They are intimidating and I can’t stand how judged I feel at gyms.  Right about that point, my best friend and coach, Heidi, posted a video about a new at home workout called PiYo.  I watched the video and was stoked.  I couldn’t wait to order it as soon as it was released.  So I did.  And then a couple days later I asked her about this thing called Shakeology that she’s mentioned but that I vehemently opposed because I didn’t think I needed to replace a meal.  A light bulb came on.  I didn’t need to replace a meal, I need to replace all the junk food I eat while sitting at my desk.  And then I asked about being a Beachbody Coach and what that actually meant.  I joined as a Coach at this point and haven’t turned back since.

I saw something about getting certified to teach PiYo shortly after starting the workout and was so excited that I signed up and got certified.  Did I mention, I LOVE PiYo?

In January 2015 I went off birth control to “regulate” to try to get pregnant later in the year. Prior to going off the pill, I had really bad period pain and pretty regular pain with sex. It had become “normal” for me. Once I went off the pill, all shit hit the fan. The pain intensified and would prevent me from working out. I was always tired and got to the point I couldn’t wear anything other than maxi skirts or dresses because everything else was too constricting on my lower abdomen. I had been told by my regular gyno that it was probable that I had Endometriosis but the only way to diagnose for sure was a laporoscopic surgery. I opted not to have that surgery for so long. One day I posted about my frustration her in my blog and one of my fellow Beachbody Coaches reached out to me. She has battled Endometriosis for most of her life. She recommended I go see a specialist that only works on Endometriosis. So I did. I just got lucky that there is one within a couple hours of me. I saw him in March and he was so confident that I did in fact have Endometriosis, he wanted to schedule surgery. This surgery wasn’t just to diagnose me but rather to excise any Endo that he was to find. The surgery was scheduled for May (he was that busy!). The surgery confirmed I had Endometriosis. After the couple weeks recovery, I felt like a new woman. No more pain with wearing just jeans. I was ecstatic!!! I felt amazing! Oh and about that pain during sex, yeah that is gone!!! I can workout and do everything I want and haven’t done in years!! I’m so glad I became friends with Morgan!

I worked a full-time corporate job until June 2015 when I was let go. I had actually been let go three times since becoming a Beachbody Coach so I took it as a sign – I needed to follow my passion! I love helping other people discover their goals and work towards them.  I love helping other people discover health and fitness.  My passion is to help other people while showing them how real the struggle with “being a fat kid at heart” is for even those who work their ass off to be fit.

I have always wanted to be fit and healthy but I had a hard time getting to the point I want to be.  I’m not there yet but I’m closer than I was.  I want to be fit and healthy and have these habits established before I have children so they don’t learn the unhealthy habits of our society before they learn the healthy ones.  I also want to be that woman who people can’t believe bounced back after pregnancy so quickly.  I want to be able to work from home with my children and provide everything they need without having to put them in daycare.

This is all why I became a Beachbody Coach and host accountability groups.  Not only to help others but to help myself in the process.  And now, I am also helping my husband.  He wants to work on health and fitness right along with me.  This is a lifestyle, not a diet.

I created this blog to share more about who I am and how I’m meeting and beating my goals.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.

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