Life is an Adventure

We just returned from our first vacation for us outside of weddings, funerals, and Christmas in a long time (maybe a couple years???). Our only agenda this trip was to camp at the cabin with some friends and then over at the lake for the annual family lake trip.

The trip started out with the normal drive down to New Mexico to go to the cabin in the Jemez Mountains. The first “fun” experience was near Moab when a truck pulling a long camper turn in front of me (not immediately in front) and stopped in the road! I had enough time to stop, but if I had hesitated one second, we would have gone right into that trailer. I do not know what possessed that person to stop in the road, but he almost gave me a heart attack and woke Eddie up from a nice little nap. We were safe, no harm done.

We woke up the next morning to a beautiful view….


This view started the next four days of relaxation – with some irritation. The damn dear flies were biting and the regular flies (and horse flies) were extra annoying. We went for a hike one morning and I had to turn back because my sensitive skin, all natural bug spray was doing absolutely nothing and I was losing my temper with all the bites I was getting. My legs were a war zone. My attitude was not very easy to control. It didn’t help that our two dogs each rolled in fresh cow poop.

Other than flies, we had some afternoon wind that delayed us eating each night since we needed the fire to cook our meals, but nothing eventful happened.

Then on the Fourth of July, our friends headed back and we stayed to enjoy a day of relaxation to the two of us. We watched Chloe stay inside because she was over the flies and Radar chase little field mice and chipmunks under the house and the wood pile. It was a great day. So we decided to go for a drive so I could explore more of the area. There was no way I was walking and getting more fly bites.

The drive was slow and beautiful. We took the paved road to a nice graveled one to go explore by an old Girl Scouts camp. At one point, I noticed my low tire lite came on so we pulled over. Sure enough, we had a flat tire. Something had gashed the tread. We work together and change the tire to the spare. Looks like we are going to head to Albuquerque after all so we can get the tire fixed and not run to the lake on the spare. We get back in and as we hit the pavement to go to the cabin and collect the dogs and clothes for the night, I stop to just check that the spare is doing good enough to make it the hour and a half drive after the cabin. Well, there is flat tire number two. Now the passenger side has had both the front and rear flat tires.

We left our phones at the cabin, because, why would we need them, but thankfully my work phone was tucked in the glove box. I started walking along the road hoping to get enough service to call Eddie’s mom to come get us and our two tires so we can get them fixed. No such luck on service. But I was able to flag down a nice man and his two sons who went back to help Eddie. The nice man had a flat repair kit (now we do too) and helped Eddie patch the tires with three plugs per hole – more than should be used. He also had a small air pump (we will be getting one) that filled both tires up. We left the spare on the rear and put one patched tire up to be a spare if the front tire’s patch didn’t work.

We went and got service to call Eddie’s mom. No answer. Brother, no answer. His wife, no answer. I guess we are taking the dogs and hoping these three tires and the two on the drivers side get us to town without issue.

On the way, we are stopped in a line on the small highway coming out of the mountain. Turns out there was a fire on the side of the road (later we found out and saw that some structures burned – prayers to those families) and we had to take a detour……on another dirt road. So far the tires are holding. We made it to town and to the family gathering for the holiday and everyone was shocked to see us. They had been in the pool when we called. We stayed for a few, mooched some dinner, and headed to Eddie’s mom for a much desired hot shower.

The next morning we headed to Discount to be there when they opened – as with so many other people. In total, we were there for just under two hours. They couldn’t save the tires (no big shock there) and had to get two tires from another store. This 4Runner came with 20 inch rims – I CANNOT wait to get rid of them, they are way too expensive and aren’t as good as something smaller for driving on dirt roads. I wanted to puke at the cost of those tires.

We went back to the house, picked up the dogs and our stuff and headed back up to the cabin to pack up the rest of our stuff. This drive uneventful. As we were packing, we realized, we couldn’t find our tent for the weekend at the lake. That was going to be an issue so we were fully ready, but not as willing, to head back to town to buy a new tent. Eddie’s mom got to the cabin to grab the boat and let us know that there were extras and we were good. BUT, the boat had a flat tire. So Eddie and I pulled out my jack again and changed that tire. His mom wanted to get it fixed so we found a small shop in Cuba that was open. Turns out, the tire was not sealed on the rim when it was mounted so the shop remounted it and we were good to go.

Finally we were on the road to the lake. The lake was wonderful, except for the daily afternoon wind storm. I slept like crap as for two of the nights, my stomach decided it didn’t like dinner and I had to keep going to the outhouse and a third night my bladder couldn’t hold enough. By the last morning, I was ready to be home. The mosquitos were biting so I gave in to the allergic reaction and used the Deet repellent. I was more willing to have an allergic reaction to Deet than to the mosquitos. I ended up with an additional four mosquito bites before I made that decision.

Chloe was so over camping but swam to me on a paddle board in the lake. Radar just wanted to explore everywhere. I didn’t get sunburned, but Eddie got a small one from missing an area with the sunscreen.


All in all, I have bites from mosquitos, deer flies, red ants (Eddie’s mom’s driveway while reloading the truck), and chiggers (from the grass near the lake). My body is a war zone still.

All throughout this trip, I was pondering on the future of this blog/website. With our adventures, the entire time we were dealing with my tires, I was telling myself “life is an adventure, life is an adventure”. This became my anti-stress mechanism so I didn’t flip out on what I obviously couldn’t control. And that’s when it hit me, this blog will be about the adventure of my life – the highs and the lows, the vacations, the infertility, healthy living, anything that I feel like sharing that crosses my life. So over the next few weeks, you will be seeing a transition in the feel and URL. Life is an adventure and I’m going to share mine with you.

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